Tag | Holistic Retail Experiences

Project | HUXHUX Design, New York (US)

The revamped Piercing Studio

With HUXHUX Design, Studs enters a new era in the retail world of piercing studios.

Project | Spacemen, Shanghai (CN)

Smart Experiences

Presenting its latest technologies and innovations, Haier’s “Smart Home Experience Centre” recently opened its doors in Shanghai.

Project | Ippolito Fleitz Group GmbH, Stuttgart (DE)

Tradition meets Lifestyle

The experience store is designed by the Ippolito Fleitz Group to make the “white alcohol” world-famous.

Project | Sina Momtaz, Teheran (IR)

Teheran Space Experience

Architect Sina Momtaz blended art and commerce in his Comode Concept Store in Teheran.

Project | FREITAG lab. AG, Zurich (CH)

From Zurich to Kyoto – with Love

The bag manufacturer FREITAG has opened its first store in Kyoto and thus the second in Japan.

Project | Djaba Diassamidze, Barcelona (ES)

Under Golden Palm Trees

Experience of special quality: In the aesthetic field of tension between modern purism and time-honoured elegance, the multidisciplinary concept of shop (fashion and books), art gallery and restaurant fills a whole 1,500 square metres of the ground floor of the classicist Casa Tomàs Roger.

Project | Scott Oster, Los Angeles (US) | MANA Architects, Chicago (US) | Scalaplus, Chicago (US)

Plug and Play

While elsewhere the end of stationary retail is still being proclaimed, innovative retailers are celebrating great experiences over a large area.

Interviews | Mike Meiré, Meiré und Meiré

Digital Society

The popularity of Instagram shows: our world has become more visual. Brands therefore no longer only sell through emotions and experiences, but also via the perfect picture that is generated for the social networks. Mike Meiré knows this too, and he is well aware of the significance of instagrammable backdrops.


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Project | Gonzalez Haase AAS, Berlin (DE)

Multibranding with industrial charm

Fashion, exhibitions and minimalist industrial charm - this is probably how the recipe for the TEM-PLATE store could be described.

Interviews | Ismaël Sanou, UdK Berlin

Dead Mall? Dead Mall!

“Very soon there will be no more shopping centres!” At least that is the opinion expressed by Ismaël Sanou, graduate of Berlin University of the Arts. How did he form this opinion? In his masters’ thesis, Sanou, now a graphic designer and scenographer, not only explored the “Phenomenon: Shopping Centre” in great depth.