Under Golden Palm Trees

| Text by: Julia Ihls

Tags: storedesign| multifunctionality| Holistic Retail Experiences| Darial


A palace of gold and marble: In the heart of Barcelona, creative director and designer Djaba Diassamidze stages a retail experience of special quality with “Darial”: In the aesthetic field of tension between modern purism and time-honoured elegance, the multidisciplinary concept of shop (fashion and books), art gallery and restaurant fills a whole 1,500 square metres of the ground floor in the classicist Casa Tomàs Roger. Golden, ornamental palm tree columns structure the white rooms and evoke the atmosphere of a glamorous Art Deco film set. A minimalist contrast is provided by streamlined shelves made of black lacquer and mirrors, in which rare books and design exhibits are presented. The concept is rounded off by a monastery-like gallery space and the “Le Léopard” restaurant, whose red velvet seats and luxuriant gold ceiling seem to evoke festive banquets of times past.


Concept and Design: Djaba Diassamidze, Barcelona (ES)

Brand: Darial, Barcelona (ES)

Location: Barcelona

Opening: July 2019

Photos: Darial, Barcelona (ES)