Teheran Space Experience

| Text by: Thomas Geuder

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If you want to stand out as a fashion store, you have to think outside the box and develop an eye for the big picture. Architect Sina Momtaz is well aware of this, too, and with his Comode Concept Store in the Iranian capital Tehran dares to merge art and commerce instead of a mere sales show: In its 200 square meters of multifunctional space, not only young Iranian designers who until recently had to sell their products in private showrooms or via Instagram are given a high-quality, first-class stage that has an impact far beyond the city’s borders – the sales space also serves as a venue for exhibitions and events to present and collectively develop contemporary Iranian design culture.

Sina Momtaz Comode Tehran

In this way, the shop becomes a platform for creative people who want to come to terms with their tradition, break new ground in design and fashion and create a dialogue between the two disciplines: “We believe that Comode can restore the self-esteem of Iranian designers and, despite many limitations, convey their message through a new design – which helps us to rediscover our own identity”, affirms Sina Momtaz.


When planning the space, which is characterized by an industrial charm of coarse concrete and raw steel, it was particularly important to the designer that the architecture remains largely untouched. Accordingly, only restrained black and white tones, textile walls and mobile presentation furniture were used. The latter look like the outlines of wardrobes (Persian: comode) and serve for the purist, yet exclusive presentation of the clothing and design items. Standing on castors, they are each connected to a power line from above to provide stimulating product lighting. With few means, an elegant ambience is created that can be changed at any time and adapted to different situations.


Concept and Design: Sina Momtaz, Tehran (IR)

Brand: Comode, Tehran (IR)

Location: 64th Street, District 6, Tehran, 11369 (IR)

Opening: April 2019

Photos: Hamed Farhangi, Tehran (IR) | Mahsa Noori, Tehran (IR)