Interactive Source of Energy and Inspiration

| Text by: Sandra Gawlowski

Tags: Rome| Holistic Retail Experiences| Flagship-Store


The close cooperation between the creative people of the consulting agency CuldeSac and the Spanish sunglasses brand HAWKERS has resulted in a flagship store in the heart of Rome, which radiates pure energy and thus additionally underlines the essence of the products.


Characteristic for the design is the use of colour, which shapes the room in a spontaneous, changeable and lively way: The coloration interacts with the environment and becomes a filter that surrounds everything. Thus the outlines of the room become blurred by the omnipresent mirrored surfaces that play with the clientele, while an impressive explosion of colour is reflected in the mirrored baseboards of the walls.

HAWKERS Rome by CuldeSac | STORIES

The basis of the interior is a heavy marble with blue veins that are supposed to stand for HAWKERS. In this way, not far from the Piazza di Spagna, a lively brand space full of inspiration potential, dynamism, its own character and luminous play of light has been created, which does not rest on the use of traditional materials, but crosses boundaries to play with 3D animation technologies and the perception of the recipients, thus generating unique experiences and lasting memories.


Concept and Design: HAWKERS S.L., Alicante (ES)

Brand: CuldeSac Espacio Creativo, S.L., Valencia (ES)

Location: Via Belsiana 34, 00187 Rome (IT)

Photos: Luigi Filetici, Milan (IT)